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Table 3 Top 10 most significant annotations for 12 contextual gene sets of region (A), Figure 3

From: Learning contextual gene set interaction networks of cancer with condition specificity

MSigDB annotation (Source) P
Graft versus host disease (KEGG) 5.39E-08
Type I diabetes mellitus (KEGG) 9.56E-08
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity (KEGG) 1.08E-07
Generation of second messenger molecules (REACTOME) 1.24E-07
Allograft rejection (KEGG) 1.69E-07
Viral myocarditis (KEGG) 9.33E-07
Translocation of ZAP70 to immunological synapse (REACTOME) 2.58E-06
Signaling in immune system (REACTOME) 3.97E-06
Leishmania infection (KEGG) 4.64E-06
Autoimmune thyroid disease (KEGG) 6.20E-06