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Table 2 Relative-Rate Test results for contrasts between trnS(UCN) genes and pseudogenes

From: Mitochondrial genomes of two Sinochloraspecies (Orthoptera): novel genome rearrangements and recognition sequence of replication origin

Contrast Rates SD P Value
All S. Ser versus all S. pSer 0.338989 versus 0.675022 0.1326 0.0113*
Sr-Ser vesus Sr-pSer 0.364826 versus 0.791345 0.1855 0.0215*
Sl-Ser vesus Sl-pSer 0.297057 versus 0.604668 0.1299 0.0179*
  1. Results of all possible pairwise contrasts between trnS(UCN) genes and trnS(UCN) pseudogenes are significant (P < 0.01). SD, standard deviation; Sr, S. retrolateralis; Sl, S. longifissa; Mm, Myrmecophilus manni; Ser, trnS(UCN); pSer, trnS(UCN) pseudogenes.