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Table 1 Numbers of genes predicted by our analyses in each species

From: Comparative transcriptomics of early dipteran development

Species Total # of genes
C. albipunctata 7,125
M. abdita 8,019
E. balteatus 6,196
D. melanogaster 10,294
  1. Total number represent uniquely identified genes from both 454 (Newbler) and 454 & Illumina HiSeq (Trinity) assemblies (C. albipunctata and M. abdita), and from 454 (Newbler) and 454 (Trinity) assemblies (E. balteatus) taken together. The number of genes for D. melanogaster is determined from modENCODE RNA-seq data sets for 0–4 hrs of development; genes were considered to be expressed if RPKM>0 [50].