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Table 2 Summary of the Clover analysis of statistically overrepresented (p<0.01) transcription factor binding sites based on Jaspar Core database

From: Genetic architecture of gene expression in the chicken

Module Overrepresented TF binding sites
1 NHP6B, hb, Pax4, br_Z1, br_Z4, SP1, SFL1, NHP6A, id1, NFATC2
2 hb, Pax4, br_Z1, br_Z4, SFL1, NHP6A, id1, NFATC2, Dof2, HCM1
3 hb, Pax4, NFATC2, id1, br_Z4, Myf, Dof2, SFL1, SOK2, CUP2
4 hb, AZF1, br_Z1, br_Z4, id1, SFL1, NFATC2, HCM1, CUP2, SMP1
5 HMG-I/Y, Pax4, hb, br_Z1, Foxd3, SFL1, br_Z4, id1, NHP6A, NFATC2
6 CUP2, slp1, pan, PEND, Gfi, GABPA, NFYA, mirr, ARID3A, EDS1
7 AZF1, Pax4, br_Z1, id1, CUP2, D, Dof2, PHD1, MNB1A, Ubx
8 br_Z3, NFYA, HAP3, HAP5, Gfi, CG34031, TBP, pan, ARR1, CG11617
9 SFL1, id1, NFATC2, CUP2, Myf, SMP1, abi4, Dof2, br_Z3, SPIB
10 IRF1, IRF2, Myf, CUP2, NFATC2, Dof2, SOK2, Sox2, NHLH1, MNB1A
11 SPI1, Myf, MZF1_1-4, SOK2, EBF1, PHD1, RUNX1, achi, vis, ELF5
12 SFL1, id1, Dof2, RME1, ELF5, PEND, MGA1, MNB1A, Gata1, SOX10
13 PHD1, GSM1, MGA1, Ar, Lim1, abd-A, al, INO4, CG11294, CG32105
14 NFYA, HAP5, Myf, NFATC2, PEND, HAP4, TBP, slp1, Dof2, cad
15 Myf, PHD1, AGL3, MNB1A, kni, YAP5, ECM23, GAT4, RLM1, MAC1
HUBS hb, NHP6B, br_Z1, Pax4, br_Z4, NHP6A, SFL1, id1, NFATC2, HCM1
  1. The table shows top 10 overrepresented motifs, complete table is provided in Additional file 1: Table S1. The motif names and capitalisation are as they appear in Jaspar database.