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Table 2 Comparison of quality measures for annotated and unannotated ESTs

From: Why so many unknown genes? Partitioning orphans from a representative transcriptome of the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum

   Annotated Unannotated
 Mean ORF length (nts) Sequences 339.9 183.4
  Contigs 376.7 213.1
   Mean length (nts) Sequences 594.9 536.0
  Contigs 746.5 735.8
Number w/o start codon Sequences 0 398
  Contigs 0 38
   Mean GC-content Sequences 50 45.2
  Contigs 49.7 45.1
  1. Comparisons are included for mean open-reading frame (ORF) length, mean nucleotide length, number of ESTs lacking a start codon, and mean GC-content. Statistics were obtained using OrfPredictor (ORF length and start codons) and Geneious software (nucleotide length and GC-content).