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Table 1 Putative function of genes with increased expression of 15-fold* or more in choroid plexus compared to striatum and parietal cortex under control conditions

From: Comparison of the global gene expression of choroid plexus and meninges and associated vasculature under control conditions and after pronounced hyperthermia or amphetamine toxicity

Choroid plexus expression relative to striatum and parietal cortex expression NCBI gene symbols Tissue specificity or reported function(s)
> 50-fold Col8a1, Esm1, Glycam1, Lect1, Thbs2 Vasculature & Heart
> 50-fold A2m, Pla2g5, Xcl1 Immune System
> 50-fold Adipoq , Pon1, Pon3 Retinoic Acid & Lipid Processing
> 50-fold Cldn1 , Crb3, Fmod, Kl a , Steap1, Tmem27 Extracellular Matrix & Cell-Cell Junctions
> 50-fold Aqp1 , Atp4a, Clic6, Kcne2 , Kcnj13, Slc4a5, Slc5a5 , Slc16a8, Slco1a5, Ttr , Trpm3 Ion & Solute Transport & Homeostasis
> 50-fold Cdkn1c, Folr1, Igfbp2, Mpzl2, Msx1,Otx2, Sostdc1 Development & Transcription Regulation
> 50-fold Cox8h, Efhb, Epn3 , Fscn2, Klc3, Krt18, Scgb1c1 Unknown & Miscellaneous
30 to 50-fold Lepr, Mdk, Ogn , Tnni2 Vasculature & Heart
30 to 50-fold Cd74 a , Klra5 , Nphs1, RT1-Da, Serpinb1a Immune System
30 to 50-fold Cldn2 , Dcn, Lama2, Lgals3bp , Rsph4a Extracellular Matrix & Cell-Cell Junctions
30 to 50-fold Slc4a2, Slc26a7 Ion & Solute Transport & Homeostasis
30 to 50-fold Apoa2, Lrat Retinoic Acid & Lipid Processing
30 to 50-fold Msx3, NTF4, Wfikkn2 Development & Transcription Regulation
30 to 50-fold Atp11c, Copz2, Dhrs7c , Dmrt3, F5 , Klk4, Krt8, Nt5dc2 , Pdlim2 , Phactr2 , Sah, Scara5, Spag8, Unknown & Miscellaneous
15 to 30-fold Ace , Anxa2 a , Cox8h , Itgb6, Trim63 Vasculature & Heart
15 to 30-fold Cmtm8, Ctsc , Igsf1, RT1-Db1 Immune System
15 to 30-fold Adamtsl4 , Col9a3, Dsp, Loxl1, Mmp14 , Prelp , Sulf1 Extracellular Matrix & Cell-Cell Junctions
15 to 30-fold Fxyd1, Slc12a4, Slc16a12 , Slc19a1 , Slc25a30, Sned1 Ion & Solute Transport & Homeostasis
15 to 30-fold Agpat2, Enpp2, Gprc5c , Rbp2 Retinoic Acid & Lipid Processing
15 to 30-fold Cdkn1a, Dab2, Igf2 , Nr1i2, Prrx2, Sfrp1, Zic4 Development & Transcription Regulation
15 to 30-fold Akap14, Capn3, Capsl, Ccdc37, Dse , Elmo3, Hdc, Hspb1 , Iqcg, Kpl2, Lhb, Mesp1 , Nudt7, Otc, Paqr5, Ppp1r3b, Pqlc3 , Tsga2, Sod3, Spata6, Spint2 , Sult1c1 Unknown & Miscellaneous
  1. * Genes included in the table must have been more than 15-fold above expression in the choroid plexus compared to both the striatum and parietal cortex and at least 5-fold above the background level. Also, expression must have been relatively consistent across individual control animals so that the S.D. was less than the mean. The lower of the two ratios (choroid plexus/striatum or choroid plexus/parietal cortex) for each gene was used for grouping. Genes were categorized using NCBI Entrez Gene.
  2. aGenes found in endothelial cells that also likely play a major role in mediating immune responses.
  3. Bold font indicates gene expression was also at least 15-fold greater in MAV compared to both the striatum and parietal cortex.
  4. Underlined font indicates gene expression was also at least 10- to 15-fold greater in MAV compared to both the striatum and parietal cortex.