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Table 6 Genes with significant differential expression between AMPH and EIH at 3 hr in MAV

From: Comparison of the global gene expression of choroid plexus and meninges and associated vasculature under control conditions and after pronounced hyperthermia or amphetamine toxicity

NCBI gene symbola AMPH/EIH Specific gene function General function Reference
A3galt2 2   T-cell function? NCBI Entrez Gene
Abca1 2.18 ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters Cholesterol transport NCBI Entrez Gene
Actn3 2.47 Cross links actin containing filaments   NCBI Entrez Gene
Ada 0.41 Adenosine deaminase Immune system – modulates lymphocyte activity? NCBI Entrez Gene
Adamts9 2.97 Metalloproteinase inhibitor Vascular Function - angiogenesis? PMID: 19052845
Akr1b8 4.49 Unknown Carcinogen-dependent tumor-associated protein NCBI Entrez Gene
Asns 2.22 Asparagine synthesis Cell growth and differentiation – blocks cell proliferation NCBI Entrez Gene
Bzw2 2.04 Transcription factor?   NCBI Entrez Gene
Cd14 3.14 Binds bacterial lipopolysaccharides Cell surface protein that mediates monocyte responses to bacterial lipopolysaccharides NCBI Entrez Gene
Cd93 1.75   Immune system function? NCBI Entrez Gene
Cyp1b1 2.61 Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases Lipid metabolism -polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, steroid metabolism or phospholipids metabolism NCBI Entrez Gene
Egfr 2.01 Epidermal growth-factor receptor Cell growth and differentiation NCBI Entrez Gene
Eif2b3 1.75 Subunit of initiation factor eIF2B   NCBI Entrez Gene
Emp1 1.88 Epithelial membrane protein 1   NCBI Entrez Gene
Enpp3 3.10 Hydrolysis of extracellular nucleotides Unknown - Found in immature glia, gut and pancreas NCBI Entrez Gene
Fcgr3 1.86 Receptor on Fc portion of IgG Immune system function NCBI Entrez Gene
Fgl2 3.11 Regulates thrombosis Vascular endothelium regulation of thrombosis PMID: 15100314
Fmo5 4.03 N-oxidation of amino-trimethylamine Fmo5 not well characterized NCBI Entrez Gene
Foxj1 0.41 Unclear in mammals Unknown – characterization incomplete NCBI Entrez Gene
Fst b 6.64 Can Inhibit vesicular release of FSH Adipogenesis? Cancer? NCBI Entrez Gene PMID19470636
Gda 2.53 Hydrolytic deamination of guanine Cell signaling? – incomplete characterization NCBI Entrez Gene
Gja5 2.57 Endothelial gap junction protein Vascular function - structural integrity NCBI Entrez Gene
Gpr4 2.20 GCP receptor for lysophosphatidylcholine May mediate monocyte transmigration through endothelial NCBI Entrez Gene, PMID17364894
Has1 b 7.20 Regulates the biosynthesis of hyaluronan Immune System - inflammation related? PMID: 17611197
Ilr2* 5.48 Interleukin 1 receptor family Inhibits the activity of Il-1 NCBI Entrez Gene
Ilrn* 3.35 Binds to Interleukin 1 receptor Inhibits the effects of IL-1 NCBI Entrez Gene
Itpkc 2.21 Phosphorylates inositol triphosphate   NCBI Entrez Gene
Lbp 4.15 Binds LPS and interacts with the CD14 receptor Acute-phase immunologic response to gram-negative bacterial infections NCBI Entrez Gene
Lrrc4c 0.38 Lrrc4c (NGL1) is a specific binding partner for netrin G1 Has been implicated in axonal guidance NCBI Entrez Gene
Llgl1 2.14   Non-muscle myosin II heavy chain and a kinase associated NCBI Entrez Gene
Mt1a b 2.77 Protects against oxidative stress Cardiovascular function - protection from ROS in diabetes? PMID: 18249147 PMID: 18349110
Mthfd1l 1.94 Synthesis of tetrahydrofolate in the mitochondrion   NCBI Entrez Gene
Ndrg1 2.21 Cytoplasmic protein involved in stress Involved in endothelial cell migration PMID: 19760510
Nef3 0.45 Medium neurofilament protein Biomarker of neuronal damage NCBI Entrez Gene
Nnij1 1.67   Nerve injury associated protein NCBI Entrez Gene
Ogfrl1 1.93 Opioid growth factor receptor-like 1   NCBI Entrez Gene
Olfm3 0.42   Associated with lung cancer NCBI Entrez Gene
Pmp22 1.79   Component of myelin in the peripheral nervous system NCBI Entrez Gene
Pstpip1 1.76   Immune system-related NCBI Entrez Gene
Ptprj 1.89 Protein tyrosine phosphatase Cell cycle and differentiation NCBI Entrez Gene
Ptges 3.02 Synthesized PGE2 Vascular Function - vasodilatation NCBI Entrez Gene
Ramp3 2.97 Calcitonin receptor modulating protein Angiogenesis and vascular integrity PMID: 18097473
Reg3a 23.49 Extracellular matrix repair? Inflammation – expressed in pancreatitis and liver cancer damage - function unknown in MAV NCBI Entrez Gene
Reg3b 27.01 Extracellular matrix repair? Inflammation – related to pancreatic damage - function unknown in MAV PMID: 19077460
Reg3g 8.29 Extracellular matrix repair? Inflammation – related to pancreatic damage and development - function unknown in MAV NCBI Entrez Gene
Rrp9 1.77   Processing of 18 s rRNA during ribosome synthesis NCBI Entrez Gene
Rsad2 2.27   Bone formation? NCBI Entrez Gene
Sct 4.93 Induces gastric relaxation Endocrine hormone in pancreas and gut – function in MAV may be stimulate bicarbonate secretion NCBI Entrez Gene
Slc15a1 33.90 Hydrogen peptide co-transporter Inflammation? – transports polypeptides in intestine - function unknown in MAV NCBI Entrez Gene PMID: 19462432
Slco4a1* 1.85 Organic anion transporter   NCBI Entrez Gene
Slpi* 6.58   Protects epithelial tissues from serine proteases NCBI Entrez Gene
Timp1 2.60 Metallopeptidase inhibitor Multiple functions some vascular-related NCBI Entrez Gene
Tmem2 2.72 Membrane spanning protein? Unknown- characterization incomplete NCBI Entrez Gene
Tmem63c 2.02 Membrane spanning protein? Unknown- characterization incomplete NCBI Entrez Gene
Wnt4 1.73   Cell signaling and development NCBI Entrez Gene
  1. PMID: denotes the Pub Med ID if a particular publication has been primarily used to determine specific and general gene functions.
  2. a All listed genes were differentially affected by AMPH compared to EIH (FDR = 0.10). Also, genes with very high expression in blood (data not shown) are excluded from this table as well as genes which were previously reported to be affected [24, 25].
  3. b Relative to control, both EIH and AMPH significantly increased expression.
  4. * Indicates some expression may be due to residual blood in MAV.