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Figure 7

From: Integrated metabolomics and genomics analysis provides new insights into the fiber elongation process in Ligon lintless-2 mutant cotton (Gossypium hirsutumL.)

Figure 7

Proposed model of the down-stream synergistic effects of the Li 2 mutation on biological processes during fiber cell elongation. Metabolites and GO terms associated with biological processes induced (red font) or reduced (green font) in mutant fibers. Li 2 mutation initiates genetic reprogramming of primary metabolism that results in reduction of cell elongation. TCA organic acids are higher accumulated in Li 2 fiber indicating higher nitrate assimilation. Levels of nitrogen transport amino acids with coordinated expression of genes involved in nitrogen compound metabolic processes suggested redirection of carbon flow into nitrogen metabolism in mutant fiber. GABA might be involved in regulation of nitrogen metabolism and consequently in cotton fiber elongation. Interactions between ROS and cell cycle can be related to fiber elongation process. Down regulation of biological processes involved in cell wall expansion such as carbohydrate biosynthesis, cell wall loosening and cytoskeleton results in shorter cotton fiber.

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