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Table 3 Numbers of mapped pearl millet gene-based markers, by linkage group, exhibiting significant relationships with loci on chromosomes of five sequenced grasses; chromosomes indicated in bold font show best evidence for synteny with the corresponding pearl millet linkage groups

From: Pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum(L.) R. Br.] consensus linkage map constructed using four RIL mapping populations and newly developed EST-SSRs

Sno Oryza sativa (Rice) Setaria italica(Foxtail millet) Pennisetum glaucum(Pearl millet) Sorghum bicolor(Sorghum) Zea mays(Maize) Brachypodium distachyon
1 Os_12(1) Si_7(2) Pg_1(21) SBI-08(2) Zm_10(6) Bd_4(1)
Os_10(1) Si_1(1)   SBI-04(1) Zm_08(1) Bd_3(1)
Os_05(5) Si_3(11)   SBI-09(9) Zm_06(3) Bd_2(7)
  Si_6(2)   SBI-01(1) Zm_02(1)  
2 Os_03(2) Si_9(10) Pg_2(17) SBI-01(6) Zm_01(4) Bd_1(2)
Os_10(2) Si_4(2)   SBI-10(2) Zm_06(1) Bd_5(1)
Os_02(1) Si_1(4)   SBI-04(3) Zm_09(1) Bd_3(4)
  Si_2(1)    Zm_05(4)  
3 Os_02(3) Si_1(4) Pg_3(6) SBI-04(4) Zm_05(1) Bd_1(1)
Os_01(1) Si_7(1)   SBI-03(1) Zm_04(2) Bd_3(2)
  Si_3(1)    Zm_03(1) Bd_2(1)
4 Os_01(1) Si_5(1) Pg_4(9) SBI-09(1) Zm_01(3) Bd_2(1)
Os_08(4) Si_3(1)   SBI-08(1) Zm_06(1) Bd_3(3)
  Si_6(6)   SBI-07(3) Zm_10(1)  
  Si_9(1)   SBI-05(1) Zm_02(1)  
5 Os_03(5) Si_3(1) Pg_5(9) SBI-01(5) Zm_01(2) Bd_1(5)
  Si_4(3)    Zm_09(2)  
6 Os_04(1) Si_7(1) Pg_6(16) SBI-06(1) Zm_06(1) Bd_5(2)
Os_11(1) Si_1(1)   SBI-05(1) Zm_04(1) Bd_4(1)
Os_01(4) Si_5(14)   SBI-02(1) Zm_02(1) Bd_2(2)
    SBI-03(7) Zm_03(5)  
7 Os_09(1) Si_9(1) Pg_7(10) SBI-09(1) Zm_02(1) Bd_4(1)
Os_07(1) Si_2(9)   SBI-02(6) Zm_07(3) Bd_1(2)
8 Os_02(1) Si_4(1) Pg_A(1) SBI-04(1) Zm_05(1) Bd_1(1)
Total (35) (88) (89) (58) (48) (38)
  1. Linkage groups of pearl millet represented as Pg_1 = LG1, Pg_2 = LG2, Pg_3 = LG3, Pg_4 = LG4, Pg_5 = LG5, Pg_6 = LG6, Pg_7 = LG7 and Pg_A = LGA, Chromosomes of foxtail millet named as Si_1 to Si_9, chromosomes of rice as Os_01 to Os_12, chromosomes of sorghum as SBI-01 to SBI-10, chromosomes of maize as Zm_01 to Zm_10 and chromosomes of Brachypodium as Bd_1 to Bd_5. The numbers in the brackets indicate the number of pearl millet TUSs containing mapped EST-SSR markers that had significant BLAST hits (e-value ≤ 1E-10) on the chromosome sequences of other grasses when BLAST search was done separately for each grass genome.