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Table 3 PHI-base pathogen genes found in O. ulmi not in N. crassa and G. clavigera

From: Sequencing and annotation of the Ophiostoma ulmigenome

Pathogen name Description
PHI:48|CnLAC1|BAD91825|TX:5207|Cryptococcus neoformans|Reduced virulence A laccase enzyme which catalyzes the synthesis of melanin in the presence of phenolic compounds [43]
PHI:876|MGG_11671|EDK03349|TX:148305|Magnaporthe grisea|Reduced virulence hypothetical protein similar to reverse transcriptase
PHI:1048|CTB7|ABK64184|TX:29003|Cercospora nicotianae|Reduced virulence Encodes putative FAD/FMN- or NADPH-dependent oxidoreductases in the cercosporin toxin biosynthetic pathway of C. nicotianae [44]