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Table 3 Differential expression of protease genes in the ‘lactating’ crop

From: Transcriptome analysis of pigeon milk production – role of cornification and triglyceride synthesis genes

Gene 0/ctrl +2/ctrl
Up-regulated genes   
Calpain-15 ns 6.62
Calpain 9 isoform 1 ns 1.85
Down-regulated genes   
Cathepsin H ns −1.23
Cathepsin C ns −1.23
Cathepsin B-like −1.19 −1.36
Cathepsin S ns −1.49
Cathepsin Z ns −1.50
Cathepsin L ns −1.53
Cathepsin D −1.42 −1.76
Calpain-5 −2.39 −4.41
  1. Average fold-change of significantly (p < 0.05) differentially expressed protease encoding genes in the ‘lactating’ pigeon crop as compared to the non-‘lactating’ crop. ns = not significant.