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Table 2 All differentially expressed genes (DEGs) detected in this study

From: Transcriptomics of morphological color change in polychromatic Midas cichlids

  Annotation Analyses Comparison Expression pattern Best hit
1 TYR g N vs. G 1 XP_003441635.1
   c T vs. G   
2 TYRP1a a,b,c,d N vs. G 1 XP_003450374.1
   a,c,d N vs. T   
3 TYRP1b c,e,f,g,h N vs. G 1 AAL84110.1
   d N vs. T   
   d,e,h T vs. G   
4 SLC24a5 a,c,d,g,h N vs. G 1 Q49SH1.1
   a,c,g,h N vs. T   
5 PMELa a,b,c,d,e,g,h N vs. G 1 AAI29134.1|
   d N vs. T   
   a,b,c,d,e,f,h T vs. G   
6 MREG a,b,c,d,e,fg N vs. G 1 NP_001002167.1
   d N vs. T   
7 CXCL13/IL8 b,c,d N vs. G 2 XP_003444508.1
   a,c,d N vs. T   
8 CX41.8 e N vs. G   AAI63086.1
9 SLC6a15 c,d,g,h N vs. G 2 XP_003449204.1
   a,c,d,g,h N vs. T   
10 Uncharacterized a,b,c,d N vs. G - NP_001091866.1
   a,d N vs. T   
11 Uncharacterized a,c,d N vs. G 2 XP_003460123.1
   a,c,d N vs. T   
12 RT 1 a,c,d N vs. G 1 NP_001025268.1
   a,c,d N vs. T   
   b T vs. G   
13 Uncharacterized e.h N vs. G 3 BAE33391.1|
   h N vs. T   
14 Uncharacterized g,h N vs. G 2 XP_003460121.1
   g,h N vs. T   
15 RIMKA c,d N vs. G 2 XP_003444930.1
   c,d N vs. T   
16 RT 2 a,c N vs. T 1 BAC82613.1
17 Uncharacterized g N vs. T 1 -
18 FYNa g N vs. G   NP_001007287.1
19 Uncharacterized e N vs. G 1 XP_002663842.1|
20 PKHD1L1 h N vs. G - XP_003447322.1
   h N vs. T   
21 TRIM16 e N vs. G 3 XP_001921089.3|
22 Uncharacterized g N vs. T 2 XP_003460506.1
23 Uncharacterized c T vs. G   XP_003455740.1
24 RASEF a N vs. G 3 XP_003446171.1
25 BDH1-like a N vs. G 3 XP_003453238.1
26 TTN-like d N vs. G 3 A2ASSVI.1
   d N vs. T   
27 PTGIS a N vs. T 2 XP_003441326.1
28 IER2 a N vs. G 2 XP_003454129.1
29 Uncharacterized c N vs. T - XP_003199799.1
30 Uncharacterized c,d N vs. G - XP_003440066.1
   c,d N vs. T   
31 Uncharacterized a N vs. G   EAW84958.1|
32 CRFB4 a,c N vs. G 3 XP_003443307
33 Uncharacterized a N vs. G   BAE33391
34 ZBTB20 a N vs. G 3 XP_003446897.1
35 CNFN a N vs. T 2 XP_003457068.1
36 FAM89a d N vs. T 1 XP_003456674.1
   d N vs. G   
37 STC1 a,c N vs. T 1 XP_003452723.1
38 C-FOS a N vs. G 2 P53450.1
39 MC6AST5 a N vs. T 1 XP_003447395.1
40 WFDC2 d N vs. G 1 XP_684531.2
   d N vs. T   
41 CCDC9 a N vs. G 3 XP_003456447.1
42 RTN3 c N vs. T 1 XP_003459827.1
43 RT-TF2 a T vs. G 1 AAC33526.2
44 JUNb a N vs. G 2 XP_003443124.1
  1. Letters indicate under which analysis method (see Table 1) DE was detected.