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Table 1 Positive clones of the Upland cotton TM-1 BIBAC library identified by library screening with RGAs closely linked with the resistance to bacterial blight pathogen, Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum[43, 44]

From: Construction of a plant-transformation-competent BIBAC library and genome sequence analysis of polyploid Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutumL.)

2D03 (AY600401) and 2B19 (AY600394) (104 positive clones):
B004B14 B011P19 B013N15 B017B02 B017H07 B019I04
B025M21 B026F24 B030I22 B041O11 B046C16 B046H18
B048P23 B050K21 B051D16 B051D23 B052F10 B055I19
B059G06 B059N17 B060P23 B061B24 B062I17 B063I15
B063L01 B065M06 B068H24 B069J11 B071B09 B071D22
B072P14 B075A15 B076D08 B080N11 B085C16 B085D09
B085G19 B087G17 B089E06 B091L11 B092C13 B092P12
B093J03 B097P19 B104A01 B105F15 B105G23 B108L23
B108P19 B110J23 B111C17 B111K03 B112G15 B112K13
B117K22 B118M16 B119B09 B120H01 B121B01 B125O02
B133A14 B134N15 B135C10 B136C02 B136O19 B138A12
B138A18 B138D03 B139E13 B140B05 B140J23 B145L08
B147F15 B148P17 B151K12 B155E18 B160G13 B161M18
B162E05 B162H06 B163B09 B165D12 B169M17 B170D18
B171A18 B175N17 B177F17 B177M15 B178C14 B179B04
B179D06 B179J12 B179N18 B184A18 B186F07 B188D16
B188E15 B188G13 B188I15 B189B12 B189J03 B192O18
B197K02 B199N18     
2D14 (AY600383) (72 positive clones):
B006G23 B007N18 B008N22 B017B02 B017K11 B022M07
B037I22 B015L11 B016M13 B013N15 B014N21 B015O20
B011P19 B025B03 B032B23 B028D04 B030D15 B026F24
B031I22 B042J09 B047M01 B045O16 B048P23 B050F06
B049K06 B050K21 B052L03 B055P20 B071D19 B069E09
B069F11 B069K14 B070M07 B066O02 B068P02 B085C16
B085G19 B057I10 B061L07 B059M03 B061O06 B061O22
B075A15 B080E20 B077L10 B075N13 B073N21 B096D03
B093J03 B100J14 B115E13 B117K23 B120M11 B115P05
B133J15 B107D12 B111K03 B142J06 B148M10 B166A18
B165D12 B163H11 B161M18 B184A18 B181A23 B183D05
B179O02 B154N23 B171A18 B175N14 B176O01 B198J14
1C08 (AY600376) (1 positive clone):