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Table 2 The positive BIBAC clones of the genes identified by screening the Upland cotton cv. TM-1 BIBAC library using overgo probes designed from the gene sequences

From: Construction of a plant-transformation-competent BIBAC library and genome sequence analysis of polyploid Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutumL.)

Gene Positive clones No. of clones
CelA1 B130C07, B016N19 2
CelA3 B024E21, B072G17, B086A07, B083I01, B073K01, B073L02, B096F08 7
CelA6 B098I23, B116B12, B017I05, B035E07, B115K16, B005M05, B086H21 7
MIC3 B099A19, B024H22, B014D05, B027E13, B026F22, B092E14 6
MIC1-15 B099A19, B024H22, B014D05, B027E13, B026F22, B092E14 6
RDL1 B175F03, B050B20, B187C03, B186M07, B016L07, B016L07, B166C05, B161G09 8
FADO6 B138P05, B080A19 2
MYBB B174C01, B192C23 2
MYBT2 B026F22, B007F03 2
GhCe1A2 B046G15,B048N17, B085P21, B162F12 4
GhIRX3 B070C20, B173F02 2
GhCelA3 B009G10, B065P05, B075L23, B097O20, B108L10, B146H15, B170C06, B178M15 8
Unnamed Ces B008D22, B145L18, B164E04, B165A23 4