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Figure 2

From: The transcriptome of Leishmania majorin the axenic promastigote stage: transcript annotation and relative expression levels by RNA-seq

Figure 2

Mis-annotation of LmjF04.0860 gene. (A) Upper panels show the mapping of RNA-seq reads (either total or SL-containing reads) in the genomic region containing the annotated LmjF04.0860 gene; the bottom panel contains the transcripts delimited in this region. Arrows indicate SL addition sites, the red arrow points at the main SL addition site. Reads aligned with the plus strand of the chromosome are shown in violet and those aligned with the minus strand in pink (note that the direction of the reads was a consequence of sequencing process, as sequencing was not oriented). (B) Nucleotide sequence (and predicted amino acid sequence) of the LmjF04.0860 gene as annotated in the GeneDB database [25]. Shaded in gray is shown the position of the main AG dinucleotide used for trans-splicing in the LmjF.04.T0860 transcripts, and underlined are those AG dinucleotide representing alternative SL addition sites. Shaded in green it is shown the first ATG found downstream the SL addition sites. (C) Alignment between the protein predicted in the LmjF.04.T0860 transcript and the Tb927.9.8290 protein annotated in the T. brucei GeneDB database [25]. Identical amino acids are shaded in gray.

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