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Figure 3

From: The transcriptome of Leishmania majorin the axenic promastigote stage: transcript annotation and relative expression levels by RNA-seq

Figure 3

Relative expression levels of transcripts derived from loci coding for HSP70 and ribosomal protein L23. Panel A: upper, current annotation of the two types of genes found in the L. major HSP70 locus, LmjF28.2770 (also known as HSP70-II) and LmjF28.2780 (HSP70-I); bottom, transcript annotation, as defined in this study, for the L. major HSP70 locus. Panel B: upper, current annotation of the two genes coding for the ribosomal protein L23, LmjF35.3790 and LmjF35.3800; bottom, transcripts annotated in this study. Each locus is composed by two types of genes with identical ORFs (blue boxes). Transcript mapping has allowed the identification of 5’-UTRs (purple boxes) and 3’-UTRs (green boxes). The number of reads mapped by Cufflinks within the different regions is shown at bottom.

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