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Figure 2

From: Transcriptional and epigenetic signatures of zygotic genome activation during early drosophila embryogenesis

Figure 2

Discretization of transition profiles (A) Computation of transition values X1-X4 from successive time points T0-T4 (see Methods for computation) of the dataset from Pilot (2004). The horizontal axis represents time in minutes. The green star indicates the beginning of cellularisation. (B) Gene-wise distributions of z-scores (abscissa) computed for each transition. The ordinate represents gene numbers. Dashed lines indicate significance thresholds (E-v a l u e < 0.01), separating down-regulated (d), stable (s) and up-regulated (u) transcripts. (C) Correspondence between z-scores profiles and discrete profiles for three representative genes. (D) Computation of transition values applied separately for diploid (D, orange) and haploid (H, brown) genotypes in the dataset from Lu et al. (2009). Stars indicate the beginning of cellularisation. (E-F) Combining diploid and haploid transition profiles permits to select genes whose regulation depends on the NC ratio (u s D u s H , panel E) or on the maternal clock (s u D u s H , panel F.

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