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Figure 4

From: Transcriptional and epigenetic signatures of zygotic genome activation during early drosophila embryogenesis

Figure 4

Motif-based clustering of co-expression clusters (A), and correspondences between discovered and known motifs (B). (A) Bi-clustering of 7-letters words and gene clusters in function of the under- and over-representation significance of each word in each cluster. Columns correspond to gene clusters, more precisely to the different types of non-coding regions associated to genes contained in clusters (upstream: 5Kb upstream TSS, intron1: first intron, 5utr: 5’UTR, 3utr: 3’UTR). Colors highlight clusters containing genes having the same expression pattern: yellow corresponds to genes significantly activated during the 1st and second wave of ZGA, blue corresponds to genes whose transcripts are maternally provided and significantly degraded during ZGA, red correspond to clusters containing genes whose transcripts are provided maternally as well as zygotically. Clusters with no assigned colors are not classified (unresolved branches) and correspond to non-coding sequences with few significant words. Only clusters containing at least one significant word are shown. Rows correspond to significant 7-letters words in at least one gene cluster. Red and green colors in the heatmap (cells) correspond to over- and under-represented words respectively. (B) Motifs resulting from the assembly of clustered overlapping words. Colored squares surrounding groups of motifs correspond to squares in the heatmap that surround words, which were assembled.

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