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Figure 6

From: Transcriptional and epigenetic signatures of zygotic genome activation during early drosophila embryogenesis

Figure 6

Combination of four chromatin mark. A. ROC curves of genome-wise location for ZGA predicted CRMs: Red: Trl 0-8 h; blue: CBP 0-4 h; purple: H3K4Me1; green: DNAse1 accessibility stage 5. The black curve corresponds to the median rank as explained in Methods section. B. Pairwise Spearman correlation of the four marks, computed on the regions of the ZGA predicted CRMs (blue), blastoderm CRMs from Redfly (red), central nervous system CRMs from Redfly (green) or on random subsets of regions of identical size and genomic localization (grey). Error bars show the standard deviation over 1000 subsamples. C. Example of the 5kb upstream the crocodile gene having high density of read for these four marks (1) ZGA CRMs. (2) Zelda 3H peaks. (3) Predicted sites obtained from the scanning of non-coding sequences of ZGA genes with the 9 discovered matrices. (4) Normalized read density produced during CBP ChIP-seq experiment. (5) Normalized read density produced during H3K4me1 ChIP-seq experiment. (6) Normalized read density produced during Trl ChIP-seq experiment. (7) Representation of the 5’ part of crocodile. (8) Normalized read density produced during DNAse1 accessibility experiment. (9) Drosophila species conservation.

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