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Table 1 454-pyrosequencing and assembly statistics for endo- and ecodormancy libraries

From: Transcriptional profiling of bud dormancy induction and release in oak by next-generation sequencing

  Endodormancy Ecodormancy Total
  LC1 SJ1 LC2 SJ2  
SRA accession number SRX019071 SRX019073 SRX019072 SRX019075  
Number of reads 115,050 79,345 137,380 164,140 495,915
Number of reads passed to assembly 70,019 44,732 98,725 138,921 352,397
No. singletons in OakContiV1 from each library (a) 9,937 4,857 15,789 15,931 46,514
No. contigs in OakContigV1 within which reads are assembled (b) 24,030 33,383 41,731*
No. unigene elements in OakContigV1 (a)+(b) 38,824 65,103 88,245*
  1. * The values are not a simple sum of those for endo- and ecodormancy, because there were common contigs to which reads from both libraries were mapped.