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Table 1 Effect of salinity on shoot biomass, leaf growth, and mineral contents in the leaf growing zone

From: Effects of salinity on the transcriptome of growing maize leaf cells point at cell-age specificity in the involvement of the antioxidative response in cell growth restriction

Parameter Control Salt
Shoot fresh biomass (g) 6.68±0.37 3.80±0.16
Leaf elongation rate (mm h-1) 3.75±0.05 1.90±0.02
  1. Effect of salinity on shoot biomass and leaf elongation rate (A), and on Relative elemental growth rate (REGR); % dry mater (DM), Na, Cl and Ca contents of growing leaf tissue from two locations along the growing zone: 15-30 mm and 30-50 mm from the leaf base (B). Plants were grown at 1mM NaCl (control) or 80 mM NaCl (Salt). Data are means ± SE (n=5).