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Table 1 Library mutants identified as EcoRI-sensitive in MATα cells , MATα cells , or both MATα and MATα strains a,b

From: A multistep genomic screen identifies new genes required for repair of DNA double-strand breaks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mutant MATα MATa Mutant MATα MATa
mre11 c S S rad54 S S
rad50 S S rad55 S S
rad51 S S rad57 S R
rad52 S S xrs2 N/D S
adk1 S S mrps35 S N/D
ado1 S S not5 SS SS
akr1 SS S nup84 S SS
apq13/net1 SS S och1 S N/D
arp5 N/D S psy1/ykl075c S R
atp2 SS S rad5 S R
bck1 SS S rtt109(rem50) d S S
bik1 N/D S rpb9 S SS
bud19/rpl39 SS SS rpl31a S S
bud30/rpc53 N/D SS rsm7/yjr114w N/D S
bud32 N/D S rtf1 N/D SS
bur2 S SS rvs161 S SS
cax4 SS SS sae2 S S
ccr4 N/D S sam37 SS SS
cdc40 N/D SS sco1 N/D SS
cgi121 SS SS sfp1 SS S
cis3 SS S slm4 S S
cnm67 SS S spt10 S S
ctf4 SS SS spt20 S R
ctf8 SS S srv2 S S
dcc1 SS SS taf14 SS S
ddc1 S S trm9 S SS
eaf1/opi7 S N/D tsr2/ylr434c S S
exo1 S S ubp8 S SS
gcn5 SS S ubr1 S N/D
gnd1/yhr182c-a SS SS ume6 SS S
hsp150 SS S vma7 SS S
htl1 SS SS vph2/ykl118w SS S
ids2 S SS ybr099c/mms4 SS S
img2 SS N/D ydr417c/rpl12b S N/D
lip5 S S ydr433w/npl3 SS N/D
lrp1 SS S ygl218w/mdm34 N/D SS
lsm7 S SS ylr235c/top3 S S
mct1 S SS yml009w-b/spt5 e SS S
mms2 S S yml012c-a/ubx2 S S
mms22 SS SS ynr068c S S
mms4/ybr099c SS SS    
  1. a Eight RAD52 group mutants are shown at the top of the table. Mutants were ranked as resistant (R), sensitive (S), or strongly sensitive (SS) (see Methods). N/D usually indicates that the library strain was unable to grow on galactose plates. Some genes could not be tested for other reasons, e.g., MATα cdc40 cells were Ura+.
  2. b Gene names separated by a forward slash indicate deletions affecting two or more overlapping open reading frames. The coding region of the gene listed first was deleted in each strain.
  3. c The MATα mre11 strain was reconstructed for this study because the library mutant did not exhibit phenotypes characteristic of mre11 mutants (MMS- and gamma-sensitivity). dRTT109 is usually referred to as REM50 in the literature. eyml009w-b overlaps the verified gene spt5 and another open reading frame called yml009c-a.