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Table 5 Physical interactions among proteins required for efficient repair of EcoRI-induced DSBs*

From: A multistep genomic screen identifies new genes required for repair of DNA double-strand breaks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Name Interacting proteins Name Interacting proteins
RAD52 group:
Rad50 Mre11, Xrs2, Dun1 Rad55 Rad51, Rad57, Mec1, Rad53
Rad51 Rad52, Rad54, Rad55, Rad57,   Rtt107, Srs2
Rad59, Rdh54, Mlh1, Rad23, Rad57 Rad51, Rad55, Rad24, Rtt107,
Rfa1, Saw1, Sgs1, Srs2   Srs2
Rad52 Bur2, Rad51, Msh6, Rfa1, Rfa2, Mre11 Rad50, Xrs2, Dmc1, Dna2,
Rfa3, Saw1, Slx5   Dnl4, Msh5, Sgs1, Srs2, Yku80
Rad54 Rad51, Mus81 Xrs2 Rad50, Mre11, Lif1
Non-RAD52 group:
Adk1 Bck1, Sir2 Net1 Cac2, Rad53, Sir2
Akr1 Gcn5, Dun1 Not5 Ccr4
Arp5 Taf14 Npl3 Bur2, Spt5
Bck1 Adk1, Lip5 Rad5 Pol30, Rad18, Rev1, Srs2
Bud32 Cgi121 Rem50 Asf1, Pol30
Bur2 Npl3, Rad52, Rfa1, Rfa2 Rpb9 Spt5, Taf14
Ccr4 Not5, Ubr1 Rpl12b Rpl31a, Rpl39
Cgi121 Bud32, Srs2 Rpl31a Rpl12b, Rpl39
Cnm67 Mlp2 Rpl39 Rp12b, Rpl31a
Ctf4 Mms22 Rsm7 Mrps35
Ctf8 Dcc1 Rtf1 Spt5
Dcc1 Ctf8 Rvs161 Gcn5
Ddc1 Mec3, Rad17, Rad52, Rad53, Rev7 Sae2 Sir3, Srs2
Gcn5 Akr1, Mms4, Rvs161, Srv2, Spt20 Sfp1 Asf1
  Ubp8, Rad59 Spt5 Npl3, Rpb9, Rtf1, Taf14
Gnd1 Ubr1 Spt20 Gcn5, Ubp8
Lip5 Bck1 Srv2 Gcn5
Mms2 Pol30 Taf14 Arp5, Rpb9, Spt5, Mus81
Mms4 Gcn5, Mus81, Rad27 Top3 Dna2, Sgs1
Mms22 Ctf4, Mms1 Ubp8 Gcn5, Spt20, Sir3
Mrps35 Rsm7 Ubr1 Ccr4, Gnd1, Rad6, Srs2
  1. * Includes proteins predicted to interact physically plus proteins that are shared components of a multisubunit complex. Underlined names indicate proteins encoded by genes that are required for resistance to EcoRI overexpression. Other interacting proteins have previously been linked to DSB repair and/or damage-inducible checkpoints. Associations were taken from the Saccharomyces Genome Database.