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Table 19 Number of genes on the promoter array that are regulated in response toCUX1 overexpression or CUX1 knockdown (1.5 fold)

From: Long-range transcriptional regulation by the p110 CUX1 homeodomain protein on theENCODE array

Effect of CUX1 on all genes and 4140 putative targets CUX1 Overexpression or Knockdown CUX1 Overexpression CUX1 Knockdown
Gene list All genes Target genes Target genes Target genes
Up- or Downregulated 1231 7.0% 347 8.4% 85 2.1% 287 6.9%
Upregulated 591 3.4% 181 4.4% 28 0.7% 169 4.1%
Downregulated 640 3.6% 167 4.0% 57 1.4% 118 2.8%
  1. Number and percentage of all genes and CUX1 target genes on the promoterarray that exhibit a 1.5 fold change in expression following p110 CUX1overexpression or CUX1 knockdown. "Upregulated by CUX1" are genes whoseexpression is increased following p110 CUX1 and/or decreased followingCUX1 knockdown. Conversely, "Downregulated by CUX1" are genes whoseexpression is decreased following p110 CUX1 and/or increased followingCUX1 knockdown. The total number of genes and target genes were 17586and 4140, respectively.