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Table 8 CUX1 consensus binding sites and bound genomic regions

From: Long-range transcriptional regulation by the p110 CUX1 homeodomain protein on theENCODE array

  Regions Regions with consensus % with consensus GC Content
Bound Regions 5828 2749 47.2%*** 47.3%
Unbound Regions 5828 1020 17.5% 47.0%
  1. Columns 2–4, occurrence of the CUX1 consensus binding site,ATCRAT (where R = C or A), within the 5828 genomicregions bound by CUX1 on the promoter array. To calculate the pvalue, an equal number of randomly chosen regions of equal width wassearched for the presence of the CUX1 consensus binding site: ***:p < 0.001. Column 5 shows the GC content of bound andunbound regions.