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Table 2 Known substrates (most common forms) of CAZymes

From: Comparative analysis of fungal genomes reveals different plant cell wall degrading capacity in fungi

Family Substrates Family Substrates
GH1 CW (β-glycans) GH49 ESR (dextran)
GH10 PCW (hemicellulose) GH5 CW (β-glycans)
GH105 PCW (pectin) GH51 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH11 PCW (hemicellulose) GH53 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH115 PCW (hemicellulose) GH54 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH12 PCW (cellulose) GH55 FCW (β-1,3-glucan)
GH125 PG (N-glycans) GH6 PCW (cellulose)
GH13 FCW + ESR (α-glucans) GH61* PCW (cellulose)
GH15 ESR (α-glucans) GH62 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH16 FCW (β-glycans) GH63 PG (N-glycans)
GH17 FCW (β-1,3-glucan) GH64 CW (β-1,3-glucan)
GH18 FCW (chitin) GH65 ESR (trehalose)
GH2 CW (β-glycans) GH67 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH20 FCW (chitin) GH7 PCW (cellulose)
GH23 BPG GH71 FCW (β-1,3-glucan)
GH24 BPG GH72 FCW (β-1,3-glucan)
GH25 BPG GH74 PCW (cellulose)
GH26 BPG GH75 FCW (chitin)
GH27 PCW (hemicellulose) GH76 FCW (chitin)
GH28 PCW (pectin) GH78 PCW (pectin)
GH29 PCW (hemicellulose) GH8 CW
GH3 CW (β-glycans) GH81 FCW (β-1,3-glucan)
GH31 PG + ESR + PCW (hemicellulose) GH88 PCW (pectin)
GH32 ESR (sucrose/inulin) GH89 FCW
GH35 PCW (hemicellulose) GH9 CW
GH36 PCW (hemicellulose) GH93 PCW (hemicellulose)
GH37 ESR (trehalose) GH94 PCW (cellulose)
GH38 PG (N-/O-glycans) PL1 PCW (pectin)
GH39 PCW (hemicellulose) PL11 PCW (pectin)
GH43 PCW (pectin + hemicellulose) PL3 PCW (pectin)
GH45 PCW (cellulose) PL4 PCW (pectin)
GH46 FCW (chitin) PL7 BEPS
GH47 PG (N-/O-glycans) PL9 PCW (pectin)
  1. BEPS: Bacterial exopolysaccharides; BPG: Bacterial peptidoglycan; CW: Cell wall; ESR, energy storage and recovery; PCW: Plant cell wall; PG, protein glycosylation; FCW: Fungal cell wall.
  2. *: Enzymes of GH61 family were not truly glycosidase, however, they are important to degrade lignocellulose in conjunction with cellulases [34], and were kept as GH in the CAZy classification [1].