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Table 2 Integrin subunits differentially expressed between the Banff grades of CAN/IFTA

From: Genomic meta-analysis of growth factor and integrin pathways in chronic kidney transplant injury

B0 vs. 1 + 2 + 3 B0 vs. 1 B0 vs. 2 + 3 B1 vs. 2 + 3
β1 (↑1.40) β1 (↑1.33) β1 (↑1.52) β1 (↑1.42)
β5(↑1.23) β5(↑1.28) β5(↑1.39)  
β6(↑3.07) β6(↑2.84) β6(↑6.06) β6(↑2.14)
β8(↑1.60) β8(↑1.85) β8(↑1.89)  
α1(↑1.45) α1(↑1.64) α1(↑1.69)  
α2(↑1.55)   α2(↑2.05)  
α6(↑1.55) α6(↑1.67) α6(↑1.87) α6(↓1.38)
α9(↑1.52)    α9(↑1.15)
αv(↑1.80) αv(↑1.57) αv(↑2.02)  
αμ(↑1.55) αμ(↑1.90) αμ(↑2.53)  
  1. All p-values are <0.005.
  2. The direction of change is indicated by the arrow and the numbers in brackets represent the magnitude of change for each integrin subunit. All results shown were statistically significant with p values ranging from <1 × 10-3 to 10-7.