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Table 12 Germ plasm formation and germline viability

From: Unscrambling butterfly oogenesis

rab-protein 11 (rab11) Y germ cell-less (gcl) N
rab-protein 5 (rab5) Y stambha a; CG8739; protein efr3 homolog b; rolling blackout (cmp44e ; stma) Y
skittles; pip5k (type 1) (pip5k) Y myoglianin (myo; myg ) N
rap1 GTPase activating protein (rapgap) Y mitochondrial small ribosomal RNA (mtsrRNA; 12s rRNA) N
  1. Genes identified mainly from the Drosophila melanogaster literature involved in germ plasm (i.e. pole plasm in D. melanogaster) formation - Control of endocytosis in germline and germline viability. Presence (Y) or absence (N) of orthologous transcripts in the Pararge aegeria transcriptome is indicated.