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Table 23 Immune defense

From: Unscrambling butterfly oogenesis

hemolin; p4 (p4) Y MAPKK4 (mkk4; MAPKK4) Y
hemolin interacting protein; yippee (yip) Y similar to Bombyx mori clip domain serine protease 4; similar to manduca sexta hemolymph proteinase 17 (bmclip4) Y
yippee interacting protein 2 (yip2) Y similar to Bombyx mori clip domain serine protease 11; similar to manduca sexta serine proteinase-like protein 1 (bmclip11) Y
cecropin A (cecA) Y transferrin (tf; tsf) Y
weak homology to cecropin B (cecB) Y Ferritin 2 – light chain homolog (FER2-LCH) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-1 and Drosophila spn4/42Da (srp1; spn4/42Da) Y Ferritin 1/3 – heavy chain homolog (FER1/3-HCH) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-2 and Drosophila spn4/42Da (srp2; spn4/42Da) Y FK506-binding protein 2; FK506-binding protein 12 (in Bombyx mori) (FKBP12) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-3 and Drosophila spn27A (srp3; spn27A) Y FK506-binding protein 1 (FKBP39) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-4 and Drosophila spn28D (srp4; spn28D) Y weakly similar to refractory to sigma p (ref(2)p) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-5 and Drosophila spn77Ba (srp5; spn77Ba) Y similar to bmrelish1 and bmrelish2; nuclear factor nf-kappa-b p110 subunit isoform 1 or 2; weakly similar to Drosophila melanogaster relish (rel) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-6 and Drosophila spn88Ea (srp6; spn88Ea) Y hemomucin (rrm5; hmu) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-10 and Drosophila spn100a (srp10; spn100A) Y smt3 activating enzyme 2 (sae2; sip2; uba2) Y
homology to Bombyx serpin-11 and Drosophila spn100A (srp11; spn100A) Y galactin; galactose specific c-type lectin (lectin-galc1) N
homology to Bombyx serpin-13 and Drosophila spn28d (srp13; spn28D) Y   
  1. Genes identified mainly from the Drosophila melanogaster literature involved in immune defense during oogenesis. Presence (Y) or absence (N) of orthologous transcripts in the Pararge aegeria transcriptome is indicated.