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Table 2 GO analysis of biological processes with testis and epididymis-specific hypermethylated genes

From: Genome-wide promoter methylation profile of human testis and epididymis: identified from cell-free seminal DNA

Gene Ontology Term (GO:ID) Number of genes ES
Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction (GO:0007166) 20 1.51
Sensory perception of smell (GO:0007608) 9 2.13
Regulation of cellular protein metabolic process (GO:0032268) 8 1.44
Translation (GO:0006412) 6 1.17
Cellular cation homeostasis (GO:0030003) 5 1.06
Regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle (GO:0051437) 3 1.10
Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor activity (GO:0007176) 2 1.03