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Table 2 Significant associations between body weight and candidate markers in the four populations of Asian seabass

From: Whole genome scanning and association mapping identified a significant association between growth and a SNP in the IFABP-a gene of the Asian seabass

Population ID Individual number Marker name, linkage group and position (cM) in linkage map
IFABP-a SNP1245 IFABP-a SNP1550 Lca 949 Lca 1022 Lca 330 Lca Te0095
LG5-0 LG5-0.2 LG7-8.9 LG9-5.9 LG21-0 LG24-0
F2S1 142      C*  
F2S5 245 A*** A**   A** A*** A*
B* C***   C*** B***
  D*    C***
F2S6 246 C*      
F2S7 248       C*
  1. Analysis model and data type: A, GLM model with genotype data; B, MLM model with genotype data; C, GLM model with haplotype data; D, MLM model with haplotype data. Significant level: *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; and ***, P < 0.001.