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Table 4 Identified clusters of oligosaccharide-binding proteins from Figure 8

From: Transcriptional analysis of oligosaccharide utilization by Bifidobacterium lactisBl-04

Cluster Sub-cluster Substrate specificity Identified Organism Reference
Malto-oligosaccharides 1 α-(1,4)-gluco-oligosaccharides Listeria monocytogenes [72]
Streptococcus pneumoniae [73]
  2 β-Cyclodextrin and maltose Bacillus subtilis [74]
  3 Maltose L. casei BL23 [42]
  4 Putative maltose B. animalis subsp lactis Bl-04 This study
  5 Maltose B. longum NCC2705 [35]
Maltotriose B. lactis Bl-04 This study
β-glucosides - β-(1,4)-gluco-oligosaccharides B. breve UCC2003 [59]
β-galactosides A Lactose and B. longum NCC2705 [35] and
β-galacto-oligosaccharides B. lactis Bl-04 This study
  B Lacto-N-biose B. bifidum [75]
  B. longum [76]
XOS - β-(1,4)-xylo-oligosaccharides B. lactis Bl-04 This study
RFO A Raffinose and isomaltose Streptococcus mutans [43]
  B Raffinose B. longum NCC2705 [35]
Raffinose and Isomaltose1 B. lactis Bl-04 This study
Root - Fructose B. longum NCC2705 [69]
  1. Clusters are shown by numbers and if possible sub-clusters are listed with letters. The experimentally identified oligosaccharide-binding proteins used to generate the tree are listed in the corresponding cluster and sub-cluster if possible.
  2. 1Including melibiose, panose and stachyose.