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Table 3 Fold changes of full length differentially expressed ABC genes of two multi-resistant strains (MR-VP and MAR-AB) compared to a susceptible strain (London)

From: A burst of ABC genes in the genome of the polyphagous spider mite Tetranychus urticae

Tetur ID Name MAR-AB MR-VP
tetur01g10390 TuABCC-02 2.87  
tetur03g07460 TuABCC-07 2.03  
tetur03g07490 TuABCC-08 2.03  
tetur03g09800 TuABCC-10 2.13  
tetur03g09880 TuABCC-11 2.04  
tetur04g05540 TuABCC-13   −2.29
tetur05g04300 TuABCC-17 2.45  
tetur40g00010 TuABCC-39 2.00  
tetur18g00230 TuABCH-13   2.21
tetur21g00940 TuABCH-15   2.19