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Figure 3

From: Interfacing cellular networks of S. cerevisiae and E. coli: Connecting dynamic and genetic information

Figure 3

Structural and functional network analysis of the overlap between pairs of networks. A and B: Pairwise network comparison on the edge-level. C-E: Subnetworks of overlapping edges between pairs of cellular networks from S. cerevisiae. C: (GRN-PPN) Subnetwork of the GRN-PPN interface with 316 of the 667 edges and 248 of the 785 genes. The red nodes correspond to genes annotated to GO:0032991 ‘macromolecular protein complex’ and blue nodes correspond to all other genes. The 242 green edges connect gene pairs that share a term for a protein complex (e.g., ribosome subunit complex) and red edges correspond to all other gene pairs. D: (TRN-GRN) Red nodes denote 37 transcription factors and blue nodes 27 target genes. The grey edges are from the TRN and red edges are common between the TRN and GRN. E: (TRN-PPN) Green nodes denote 53 transcription factors and the 62 blue nodes are target genes.

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