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Figure 7

From: Interfacing cellular networks of S. cerevisiae and E. coli: Connecting dynamic and genetic information

Figure 7

Global functional comparisons between the GRN, TRN and PPN of S. cerevisiaeand E. coli. In A) and B) we show the pairwise comparisons for common significant terms in the global GPEA analysis between the GRN, TRN and PPN for A) S. cerevisiae and B) E. coli. In C) to G) we show the gene-pair distributions sharing a functional annotation for the classes ‘Biological Process’ (BP), ‘Molecular Function’ (MF) and ‘Cellular Component’ (CC). Shown are the cumulative distributions of the co-occurrence frequency of Gene Ontology terms for the edges in the GRN, TRN and PPN in S. cerevisiaeC) BP, D) CC, E) MF and E.coliF) BP, G) CC.

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