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Table 3 Partial list of candidate orthologs under positive selection between P. wilsonii and P. poissonii

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis and marker development of two closely related Primrose species (Primula poissonii and Primula wilsonii)

P. wilsonii P. poissonii Ka/Ks Arabidopsis thaliana gene accession Descriptions
pw11166 pp53622 1.902 AT1G16970 KU70, atp-dependent dna helicase 2 subunit ku70
pw24180 pp53932 1.201 AT1G48050 KU80, atp-dependent dna helicase 2 subunit ku80-like
pw42431 pp10104 2.016 AT5G15920 SMC5, structural maintenance of chromosomes protein
pw06163 pp48369 1.087 AT2G40550 ETG1, mini-chromosome maintenance complex-binding
pw54400 pp05772 1.131 AT2G24490 ROR1, replicon protein a2
pw23141 pp39494 1.073 AT4G31870 GPX7, glutathione peroxidase
pw12283 pp40105 1.726 AT1G13180 ARP3, actin-related protein 3
pw37795 pp02860 2.329 AT1G11755 LEW1, nogo-b receptor-like
pw10616 pp13461 3.711 AT1G45976 SBP1, s-ribonuclease binding protein 1
pw09970 pp42238 1.106 AT3G11050 FER2, ferritin subunit precursor
pw13953 pp20861 0.777 AT3G54340 AP3, mads-domain transcription factor
pw42171 pp17454 1.099 AT2G47460 MYB12, transcription factor myb12