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Table 1 Gene ontology analysis of differentially expressed genes

From: Behavioral and neurogenomic transcriptome changes in wild-derived zebrafish with fluoxetine treatment

Gene ontology FDR corrected p-value
Category Term ID DEG (n=411) Up-regulated (n= 167) Down-regulated (n=244)
BP lipid metabolic process GO:0006629 1.62E-03   6.01E-07
BP lipid biosynthetic process GO:0008610 8.22E-03   5.75E-05
BP fatty acid metabolic process GO:0006631 8.77E-03   2.21E-04
BP very long-chain fatty acid metabolic process GO:0000038 7.78E-03   1.99E-03
BP fatty acid biosynthetic process GO:0006633 1.09E-02   4.35E-04
BP very long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process GO:0042761 7.78E-03   1.99E-03
BP small molecule metabolic process GO:0044281 1.06E-02   
BP organic acid metabolic process GO:0006082 1.56E-04 1.83E-02  
BP oxoacid metabolic process GO:0043436 1.56E-04 1.83E-02  
BP carboxylic acid metabolic process GO:0019752 5.22E-04 1.43E-02  
BP single-organism biosynthetic process GO:0044711 2.24E-03   
BP small molecule biosynthetic process GO:0044283 1.93E-03   
BP organic acid biosynthetic process GO:0016053 2.86E-04   
BP carboxylic acid biosynthetic process GO:0046394 2.86E-04   
BP L-serine metabolic process GO:0006563 2.66E-02 2.66E-03  
BP organonitrogen compound metabolic process GO:1901564   4.70E-02  
BP organonitrogen compound biosynthetic process GO:1901566   1.88E-02  
BP cellular amino acid metabolic process GO:0006520   2.27E-03  
BP cellular amino acid biosynthetic process GO:0008652   2.54E-02  
BP alpha-amino acid biosynthetic process GO:1901607   1.66E-02  
BP serine family amino acid biosynthetic process GO:0009070   6.35E-03  
BP response to virus GO:0009615   3.05E-03  
BP monocarboxylic acid metabolic process GO:0032787    2.07E-03
BP monocarboxylic acid biosynthetic process GO:0072330    2.60E-03
BP steroid metabolic process GO:0008202    4.99E-02
BP cellular lipid metabolic process GO:0044255    4.82E-03
BP sterol metabolic process GO:0016125    1.21E-02
MF phosphorylase activity GO:0004645 4.24E-02   7.31E-03
MF glycogen phosphorylase activity GO:0008184 1.72E-02   2.95E-03
MF cofactor binding GO:0048037 3.24E-02   
MF catalytic activity GO:0003824 3.19E-02   
MF oxidoreductase activity GO:0016491 2.96E-03   1.43E-03
MF oxidoreductase activity, acting on CH-OH group of donors GO:0016614    8.66E-03
MF transferase activity, transferring acyl groups GO:0016746    9.02E-03
MF oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen, NADH or NADPH as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen GO:0016709    2.47E-02
  1. BP Biological Process, MF Molecular Function, DEG all differentially expressed genes. Blank cells indicate p > 0.05.