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Table 3 Summary of GO enriched clusters in groups of genes sorted by expression level in blastocysts

From: RNA-seq analysis of single bovine blastocysts

Cluster # Expression level
High Medium high Medium Medium low Low
1 Ribosome Lumen Lumen Lumen DNA repair/Stress response
2 Oxidative Phosphorylation Cytoskeleton Chromosome structure Zinc finger PHD Zinc/ion binding
3 Ubiquitination Protein catabolism Protein complexes Transcriptional regulation Protein catabolism
4 Spliceosome Chromosome structure Mitochondrial subunits Mitochondrial matrix Protein transport
5 RNA binding Nucleic acid binding Nucleic acid binding/Phospho-rylation Ankyrin repeats tRNA aminoacylation
6 Electron transport Ubiquitination Endoplasmic reticulum Protein/nucleotide interactions Zinc finger CH2
7 Protein localization Protein complex synthesis Cell cycle Microtubules Cell death
8 Protein biosynthesis Cell cycle Cellular membranes Mitochondrial membranes DNA repair/Polymerase
9 Ribosomal subunits Mitochondrial components Ankyrin repeats Phosphorylation Suppression of differentiation
10 Protein folding RNA splicing tRNA Zinc finger CH2 Nucleic acid binding