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Table 3 List of rice genes associated with crown root, lateral root, root hair formation after FA exposures

From: Autotoxicity mechanism of Oryza sativa: transcriptome response in rice roots exposed to ferulic acid

Gene name RAB-DB Locus ID TIGR Locus ID Short exposures Long exposures Description
    Fold change a Fold change a  
Crown root-related genes
OsCRL1 Os03g0149000 LOC_Os03g05500 −1.09 1.15 Protein of unknown function DUF260 domain containing protein.
OsCRL4 Os03g0666100 LOC_Os03g46330 −1.21 −1.04 SEC7-like domain containing protein.
OsCRL5 Os07g0124700 LOC_Os07g03250 1.64 1.06 ANT (Ovule development protein aintegumenta).
OsARL1 Os03g0149100 LOC_Os03g05510    
WOX11 Os07g0684900 LOC_Os07g48560 1.86 −1.39 Homeobox domain containing protein.
Lateral root-related genes
ARF-16 Os06g0196700 LOC_Os06g09660 −1.73* −1.43* Auxin response factor 1.
AUX/IAA-1 Os01g0178500 LOC_Os01g08320 1.88* −1.20 AUX/IAA protein family protein.
AUX/IAA-11 Os03g0633500 LOC_Os03g43400 1.07 −1.40 Auxin-responsive protein IAA17 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 17) (Auxin response 3).
AUX/IAA-13 Os03g0742900 LOC_Os03g53150 1.22 −1.04 AUX/IAA protein family protein.
AUX/IAA-23 Os06g0597000 LOC_Os06g39590 1.77* −1.07 Auxin-responsive protein IAA14 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 14) (SOLITARY-ROOT protein).
AUX/IAA-29 Os12g0601400 LOC_Os12g40900 1.16* −1.28 Auxin-responsive protein (Aux/IAA) (Fragment).
OsCel9C Os05g0212300 LOC_Os05g12150 −1.59* 1.43* Endo-beta-1,4-glucanase precursor (EC
Root hair-related genes
OsEXPA30 Os10g0535900 LOC_Os10g39110    
OsRHL1 Os06g0184000 LOC_Os06g08500    
OsCSLD1 Os10g0578200 LOC_Os10g42750 1.47 −1.94* Cellulose synthase-9.
OsEXPA17 Os06g0108600 LOC_Os06g01920    
OsEXPB5 Os04g0552200 LOC_Os04g46650 1.22 1.11 Beta-expansin 5.
OsAPY1 Os07g0682800 LOC_Os07g48430 1.35 −1.05 Apyrase.
  1. a The fold change in expression of each gene after FA treatment was calculated by the mean from 3 biological replicates and false discovery rate <0.1 is shown with a asterisk.