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Table 1 Complete list of the 40 vkr genes found in genomic databases

From: The venus kinase receptor (VKR) family: structure and evolution

Species Class Name Accession number Database
Acromyrmex echiniator Insect AeVKR GL888498.1
Aedes aegypti Insect AaVKR DAA06509.1
Anopheles gambiae Insect AgVKR ACF34410.1
Apis florea Insect AfVKR GL576580.1
Apis mellifera Insect AmVKR ACF34409.1
Atta cephalotes Insect AcVKR GL377380.1
Bombus impatiens Insect BiVKR XP_003486761.1
Bombus terrestris Insect BtVKR GL898830.1
Bombyx mori Insect BmVKR1 DF090406.1
Bombyx mori Insect BmVKR2 DF090406.1
Camponotus floridanus Insect CfVKR EFN73169.1
Capitella teleta Annelid CtVKR 136189
Clonorchis sinensis Trematode CsVKR1 GAA27163.2
Clonorchis sinensis Trematode CsVKR2 GAA49307.1
Culex quinquefasciatus Insect CqVKR DAA06510.1
Danaus plexippus Insect DplVKR1 EHJ69301.1
Drosophila ananassae Insect DaVKR DAA06508.1
Drosophila grimshawi Insect DgVKR DAA06505.1
Drosophila mojavensis Insect DmoVKR DAA06504.1
Drosophila persimilis Insect DpVKR DAA06507.1
Drosophila pseudoopscura Insect DpseVKR ACF34407.1
Drosophila virilis Insect DvVKR DAA06503.1
Drosophila wilistoni Insect DwVKR DAA06506.1
Echinococcus granulosus Cestode EgVKR NODE_166072…s/echinococcus-granulosus.html
Echinococcus multilocularis Cestode EmVKR pathogen_EMU_scaffold_007728…s/echinococcus-multilocularis.html
Harpegnathos saltator Insect HsVKR EFN85558.1
Hymenolepis microstoma Cestode HmVKR 744…hs/hymenolepis-microstoma.html
Linepithema humile Insect LhVKR GL905323.1
Lottia gigantea Mollusc LgVKR 109151
Megachile rotundata Insect MrVKR GL985818.1
Nasonia vitripennis Insect NvVKR DAA06502.1
Nematostella vectensis Anthozoan NveVKR SB_43850
Pediculus humanus corporis Insect PhcVKR DAA06501.1
Pogonomyrmex barbatus Insect PbVKR GL738256.1
Schistosoma mansoni Trematode SmVKR1 AAL67949.1
Schistosoma mansoni Trematode SmVKR2 ADD91576.1
Solenopsis invicta Insect SiVKR EFZ12829.1
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Echinoidea SpVKR DAA06500
Tribolium castaneum Insect TcVKR ACF34408.1
  1. Vkr gene name is specified for each species, as well as protein or scaffold accession number and website link of the database in which the gene was found.