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Figure 3

From: Drosophila GAGA factor polyglutamine domains exhibit prion-like behavior

Figure 3

GAFQ-SupC (519Q-SupC and 582Q-SupC) chimeric proteins exhibit prion-like behavior similar to [ PSI+] phenotype of Sup35p. (A-D) Analysis of metastable behavior of GAFQ-SupC haploids is shown. Individual haploids containing 519Q-SupC (A) and 582Q-SupC (B) are shown with metastable behavior indicated by the presence of red and pink colored colonies as compared to controls; SupC-expressing cells (C) where only red colonies appeared and OT55 strain which show stable [PSI+] (D). The presence of pink colored colonies, due to nonsense suppression of the ade1-14 reporter, was stably maintained upon restreaking, similar to the appearance of [PSI+]. (E) Individual pink/white colonies picked from (A) and (B) were grown on YPD and replica plated on YPD plus 5 mM GuHCl which resulted in curing of nonsense suppression phenotype indicated by white colonies turning to red (E) and inability of GuHCl cured cells to grow on -Ade media (F) where SupC∆NM acts as a control.

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