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Table 2 Candidate genes for broad scale studies of temperature response in the crimson spotted rainbowfish, Melanotaenia duboulayi

From: RNA-seq analysis reveals extensive transcriptional plasticity to temperature stress in a freshwater fish species

Seq. description min. e value Fold change Primary gene Ontology
3-keto-steroid reductase-like 5.09E-49 2.25 C:endoplasmic reticulum membrane
hydroxymethylglutaryl- cytoplasmic 9.30E-32 2.25 P:isoprenoid biosynthetic process
smooth muscle cell-specific protein sm22 alpha 1.44E-126 2.28 P:muscle organ development
phospholemman precursor 1.98E-44 2.32 C:membrane
ap-2 complex subunit sigma 1.34E-91 2.32 P:axon guidance
acyl carrier mitochondrial precursor 1.87E-82 2.34 F:phosphopantetheine binding
nadh-cytochrome b5 reductase 2 3.52E-137 2.34 F:cytochrome-b5 reductase activity
sterol-4-alpha-carboxylate 3- decarboxylating-like 7.81E-44 2.36 P:steroid biosynthetic process
retinol-binding protein cellular 3.29E-86 2.38 P:transport
ribosomal rna processing protein 36 homolog 9.82E-58 2.38 C:nucleolus
protein cdv3 homolog 4.64E-64 2.38 C:cytoplasm
nadh dehydrogenase 1 alpha subcomplex subunit 6 1.63E-77 2.41 C:mitochondrial inner membrane
y chain e2~ubiquitin-hect 1.04E-45 2.41 P:endosome transport
monoamine oxidase 0 2.42 P:catecholamine metabolic process
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein sm d2 2.44E-64 2.42 P:ncRNA metabolic process
transketolase 6.63E-137 2.42 F:transketolase activity
rho-class glutathione s-transferase 1.95E-101 2.43 F:transferase activity
thioredoxin domain-containing protein 14 precursor 2.31E-72 2.44 P:cell redox homeostasis
ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme e2 variant 2 1.43E-85 2.45 F:acid-amino acid ligase activity
coiled-coil domain-containing protein 47 precursor 0 2.46 P:embryonic development
ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase core protein ii 0 2.47 F:metalloendopeptidase activity
3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme a synthase 1 8.22E-40 2.99 P:response to tellurium ion
nuclear factor erythroid derived 2-like 1 2.00E-60 3.24 P:heme biosynthetic process
glutathione s-transferase 3.32E-30 5.07 F:glutathione transferase activity
cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1 6.69E-65 5.86 P:cellular response to stimulus
catechol-o-methyltransferase domain-containing protein 1 1.45E-75 −2.44 F:O-methyltransferase activity
period homolog 3 1.01E-173 −2.44 C:cytoplasm
histamine n-methyltransferase 1.19E-130 −2.50 P:respiratory gaseous exchange
scinderin like a 0 −2.50 P:eye development
5-aminolevulinate erythroid- mitochondrial-like 0 −2.50 P:response to hypoxia
55 kda erythrocyte membrane protein 2.00E-91 −2.50 C:intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle
plakophilin 3 0 −2.50 F:binding
cbp p300-interacting transactivator 3b 5.19E-44 −2.50 C:nucleus
lysosomal alpha-glucosidase-like 0 −2.56 F:carbohydrate binding
actin-binding lim protein 1 long isoform isoform cra_a 4.22E-35 −2.56 P:axon guidance
udp-glucuronosyltransferase 2a2-like isoform 2 1.10E-93 −2.56 F:transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups
glucose-fructose oxidoreductase domain-containing protein 1-like 4.30E-38 −2.56 C:extracellular region
dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1b 0 −2.56 P:protein amino acid autophosphorylation
synaptobrevin homolog ykt6 3.21E-121 −2.56 C:Golgi membrane
serine--pyruvate mitochondrial precursor 2.50E-25 −2.56 P:metabolic process
transmembrane protein 192 6.58E-112 −2.63 C:membrane
protein creg2-like 9.34E-142 −2.63 C:cytoplasmic part
ras-related protein rab-13-like 1.31E-67 −2.63 P:vesicle-mediated transport
c-jun-amino-terminal kinase-interacting protein 4 isoform partial 0 −2.63 F:protein binding
histone-lysine n-methyltransferase setd3-like 3.00E-148 −2.63 P:peptidyl-lysine monomethylation
peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha 2.04E-78 −2.86 P:steroid hormone mediated signaling pathway
cytochrome p450 1a 5.02E-152 −3.70 C:endoplasmic reticulum membrane
thyrotrophic embryonic factor 9.16E-157 −3.85 P:cellular response to light stimulus
nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group d member 2 3.54E-102 −4.17 P:steroid hormone mediated signaling pathway
vitellogenin ab 0 −10.0 F:lipid transporter activity
  1. Genes correspond to transfrags with mid-range differential expression values that match metabolic, developmental, or immune response processes from gene ontology assignment by the Blast2Go program. Gene ontology abbreviations: P= biological process, F= molecular function, C= cellular component.