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Table 1 Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) with the largest effects (i.e. highest R LR 2 value) on various traits; FF: fruit firmness; WCI: weighted cortical intensity; IB: internal browning; TA: titratable acidity; CR: fruit splitting; BP: bitter pit

From: Novel genomic approaches unravel genetic architecture of complex traits in apple

Trait SNP (NCBI db) Linkage group & position (bp) R LR 2 Heterozygosity Gene name & ID
FF ss475883584 LG10 (20,833,228) 0.02 0.50 Polygalacturonase (PG); MDP0000232611
WCI ss475879555 LG9 (32,840,325) 0.17 0.18 MdMYB10; MDP0000259616
IB ss475879555 LG9 (32,840,325) 0.07 0.18 MdMYB10; MDP0000259616
TA ss475882883 LG8 (19,658,610) 0.06 0.43 RING finger and CHY zinc finger domain-containing protein; MDP0000294924
CR ss475883359 LG16 (1,496,083) 0.09 0.38 Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase (LAR1); MDP0000279135
BP ss475883359 LG16 (1,496,083) 0.11 0.38 Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase (LAR1); MDP0000279135