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Figure 4

From: Web-based visual analysis for high-throughput genomics

Figure 4

Using Trackster to visually analyze genomic datasets on the human hg19 genome build. The tracks and features shown include: (1) UCSC Gencode v7 gene annotation track; (2) custom rainbow track of three UCSC conservation tracks—phyloP 46-way primate conservation, phyloP 46-way mammal conservation, and phyloP 46-way vertebrate conservation; (3) UCSC all EST annotation track; (4) mapped RNA-seq reads from the skeletal muscle tissue in the BodyMap 2.0 dataset; (5) Cufflinks [13], a tool for assembling mapped reads into transcripts, has been opened as is being used to interactively assemble transcripts from the visible mapped RNA-seq reads; (6) first attempt at transcript assembly; (7-8) improving the assembly using different parameter values for Cufflinks; (9) using dynamic filters to interactively remove assembly artifacts based on attribute values.

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