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Table 2 Comparison of contig mapping coordinates with grapevine annotations, public ESTs and cDNAs

From: De novotranscriptome characterization of Vitis vinifera cv. Corvina unveils varietal diversity

  12X assembly 8X assembly
Contigs classification (12x assembly; V1 annotation) EST cDNA v0 annotation v1 annotation
Contigs assigned to known genes 29442 9968 31221 23905
Contigs assigned to novel genes 2373 300 935 1635
Contigs assigned to private genes NA NA NA 13
  1. Contigs coordinates were compared with those of public ESTs, cDNAs and V0 annotation of 12x assembly and with v1 annotation of 8x assembly. Number of contigs with at least a 50% overlap with the features of interest is reported for each comparison.