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Table 3 Coliphage groups identified by TMP alignment of 24 Siphoviridiae

From: Phage cluster relationships identified through single gene analysis

Putative groups Phages included in the proposed grouping
A HK75, HK633, mEpX1, HK97, mEp234, HK446
B HK022, HK140, mEpX2, mEp235
C1 HK225, N15, mEp237
C2 HK629, lambda, HK630
D mEp 043 c-1, mEp213
E HK578, JL1
F ADB-2, T1
G JK06, vB_EcoS_Rogue1
  1. Proposed tape measure protein (TMP) coliphage groups are based on coliphage TMP and full genome Gepard dotplot alignment.