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Table 1 Non-conservative amino acid exchanges (Dayhoff matrix index < 5) in selected proteins* of clone CHA strains

From: Intraclonal genome diversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clones CHA and TB

Locus_tag Name Encoded product aa exchange
PA0247 PobA p-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase T98M
PA0595 OstA organic solvent tolerance protein precursor involved in outer membrane biogenesis M907T
PA0831 OruR transcriptional regulator of ornithine utilization W197C
PA1148 ToxA exotoxin A precursor F22S
PA1712 ExsB exoenzyme S synthesis protein B R52G
PA1717 PscD type III secretion export protein V346E
PA1718 PscE type III secretion export protein C40G
PA2236 PslF glycosyl transferase, Psl exopolysaccharide biosynthesis Y247D
PA3061 PelD membrane-bound c-di-GMP-specific receptorregulating Pel exopolysaccharide production Y208H
PA3063 PelB Pel exopolysaccharide biosynthesis W791L
PA3344 RecQ ATP dependent DNA helicase R571C
PA3805 PilF pilus biogenesis, outer membrane pilotin for localization and multimerization of secretin PilQ L243P
PA3810 HscA molecular chaperone R285G
PA3910 EddA extracellular DNA degradation protein P368L
PA3946 RocS1 sensor of two-component system controlling cupC fimbrial and efflux pump gene expression I399S
PA4085 CupB2 periplasmic chaperone H242L
PA4086 CupB1 major pilus subunit Q102T; V154E
PA4776 PmrA two component regulatory system modulating resistance to cationic antimicrobial peptides L71R
PA4777 PmrB two component regulatory system modulating resistance to cationic antimicrobial peptides Y345H
PA5483 AlgB two component response regulator controlling alginate biosynthesis L382R
PA5484 KinB two component sensor kinase (negative regulation of alginate production, positive regulation of virulence-associated phenotypes) Y50H
PA5493 PolA DNA polymerase I C882R
  1. Exchanges are given in comparison to protein sequences from the PAO1 reference.
  2. *The function of the encoded gene product has been experimentally demonstrated (annotation class I).