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Table 2 Small indels in the clone CHA genome compared to the PAO1 genome

From: Intraclonal genome diversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clones CHA and TB

Indel-pos.a Change Locus_tag Annotation Indel known
288750 -AT PA0257 put. integrase/transposase, first ORF of RGP2 no
740420 +C PA0683 HxcY, type II secretion system protein yes1
995238 +T PA0912 Hypothetical protein yes1
1060785 +T PA0977 Hypothetical, phage-like, first ORF in RGP7 no
1116214 +C PA1029 Hypothetical protein, homology to antitoxin yes1
1697856 +G PA1559 Hypothetical, part of PmrA regulated operon yes2
1835046 +C PA1685 MasA, enolase-phosphatase E-1, part of methionine salvage pathway yes2
2301796 -GGC PA2091 Hypothetical protein yes3
2355772 +G PA2139 Hypothetical protein yes2
2356683 -C PA2141 Hypothetical protein yes2
2533912 +GTC PA2302 AmbE, non-ribosomal peptide synthetase yes3
2753523 +C PA2452 Similar to enterobactin esterase yes2
3083197 +G PA2727 Similar DNA helicase yes2
3506327 -C PA3124 Transcriptional regulator; deletion in last codon no
3873151 -CCC PA3462 Sensor kinase of two-component system yes1
4657418 -A PA4161 FepG, ferric enterobactin transport protein; last codon, no change of coding sequence yes4
4888195 +G PA4360 Hypothetical, chromosome segregation protein, SMC-like; disruption of start codon yes5
5515497 -A PA4915 Chemotaxis transducer no
5945963 +C PA5282 Major facilitator transporter no
  1. a: position according to PAO1 reference sequence NC_002516.
  2. Indel is listed in the Pseudomonas Genome Database for completely sequenced P. aeruginosa genomes: 1for strains PA14, 2192, C3719, PACS2, 39016; 2for strains PA14, 2192, C3719, PACS2, 39016, PA7; 3for strains 2192, C3719, PACS2; 4for strains PA14, PACS2, 39016; 5for strains PA14, 2192, C3719, PA7, 39016.