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Table 4 Strain-specific losses of PAO1 DNA

From: Intraclonal genome diversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clones CHA and TB

Locus_tag Description
PA0977-0987 (RGP7) region only partially conserved in all strains; ORFs PA0980-0981 absent in strain CHA only, ORFs PA0986-0987 absent in 491 only
PA0927-0928 (ldhA, gacS) start of ldhA (278 nt) and end of gacS (146 nt) missing in strain CHA
PA1907 partial deletion (183 nt) in strain 491
PA2136 partial deletion (first 30 nt) in strain 491
PA2177 partial deletion (356 nt) in strain PT22