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Table 1 Enrichment analysis

From: The duration of gastrin treatment affects global gene expression and molecular responses involved in ER stress and anti-apoptosis

  P-values Differentially expressed genes
Enrichment by GeneGo pathway maps   
Apoptosis and survival_Endoplasmic reticulum stress response pathway 6,910E-05 ATF-4, GRP78, C/EBP zeta, IP3R1, HERP, DNAJC3, ERP5
Reproduction_GnRH signalling 7,392E-05 PER1, JunB, ATF-3, EGR1, IP3 receptor, Dynamin-1, HDAC5, c-Fos
DNA damage_ATM / ATR regulation of G2 / M checkpoint 1,262E-04 Wee1, Cyclin B, GADD45 alpha, Cyclin A, CDK1 (p34)
Development_Growth hormone signalling via PI3K/AKT and MAPK cascades 1,485E-04 JunB, C/EBP zeta, 4E-BP1, EGR1, C/EBPbeta, c-Fos
Development_Hedgehog and PTH signalling pathways in bone and cartilage development 6,180E-04 EGR1, Smoothened, Ihh, Cyclin A, c-Fos
Enrichment by GeneGo process networks   
DNA damage_Checkpoint 1,639E-05 CIA/ASF1, PCNA, Wee1, Cyclin B, GADD45 alpha, Cyclin B2, ATF-3, Cyclin A1, 14-3-3 theta, Cyclin A, CDK1 (p34), CDK6, 14-3-3
Cell cycle_Mitosis 5,376E-05 Tubulin beta, Kid, PARD6A, Wee1, Cyclin B, CSE1L, Cyclin B2, TTK, CAS-L, MKLP1, Dynamin-1, Cyclin A, CDK1 (p34), PARD6, Dynamin
Protein folding_Response to unfolded proteins 3,657E-04 ATF-4, ERp44, GRP78, HSP70, Calreticulin, HERP, DNAJC3, SELS
  1. Canonical pathways and networks most significantly associated with the 403 genes differentially expressed (p<0.05) in transient versus sustained gastrin treatment shown in the heat map in Figure 1B and in Additional file 1. The 5 pathways and 3 networks with lowest p-values are shown as determined by the MetaCore tool of GeneGo package [15]. Enrichment analysis by GO process is found in Additional file 3: Tables S2 and S3.